Sell LOTTERY WINNINGS (annuity payments) for cash

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Should I sell my lottery winnings for cash to pay off debt?

This is a complicated answer that requires weighing multiple factors. Specifically, it requires the ability to objectively consider many factors: 

  • stresses of personal or medical debt, college tuition and student loans, vehicle repairs
  • rising costs
  • the certainty of future payouts,
  • likelihood of career growth,
  • salary projection,
  • future medical needs,
  • ability to manage and maintain finances

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What is a Lottery Annuity?

A lottery annuity is series of regular payments, over a period of time (e.g. 25 years), that pays the lottery winner his or her winnings. An annuity is the payment option that is not a lump sum of cash.

How do I sell my lottery winnings? 


What discount rate is normal when selling lottery winnings?

Do you offer tips for selecting a lottery settlement broker or funding company to work with?

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