Paymaster Services

Large transactions come with enough headaches; your paymaster services and structured settlement company of choice should not be. We provide seamless help with large financial transactions ranging from commodities to collector cars to websites. Our licensed attorneys provide impartial distribution of transaction payments and commissions on your behalf.

Our U.S.A. based international paymaster services can distribute money for clients located around the globe. Our paymaster services distribute money to help clients complete transactions and pay commissions on those transactions. 

Why use our paymaster services?

  • No registration fees – We only get paid for distributing funds as specified in your contract (usually a contingent event in the transaction).

  • Cost effectiveness – Our fees for large transactions are lower than most escrow services, including

  • Security – Unlike non-attorney paymasters, we hold your funds in a Client Trust Account subject to the strict rules of the California State Bar.

  • Neutrality – Since we do not represent any parties in the underlying transaction, our only role is to distribute money as directed by the terms of the contract.

  • Personal service – Your transactions are handled by people, not machines, and we are available to answer your questions online or on the phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I  Access My Money While It's In Your Bank Account?
While the banks with which we work do not allow us to provide clients with direct access to our client trust accounts, we do everything we can to help provide a smooth transaction. Please ask us for details. 

When Can I Contact You?
We are happy communicating with you through email or on the phone. While email may be the easiest way to reach us, especially if you are in a different time zone, experience has shown that potential clients usually prefer speaking with us on the phone before hiring us. We are generally available between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. (PST / -8:00 GMT). 

What Currency Can You Process?
We limit our services to transactions involving U.S. dollars (USD). 

Why Hire You as a Paymaster for my Transaction?
Our due diligence may be one of the largest differences between our services and those provided by other paymaster companies. As attorneys must do our best to represent clients. This necessarily involves understanding the details of the underlying transaction we are processing. 

What Paperwork Is Required?
The following documents can be submitted by mail, fax or electronic copy:

  1. Identification | a copy of your passport;   
  2. IRS documentation | Form W-8BEN;
  3. Transaction documents | a copy of the document upon which the transaction is based; and
  4. Description documents | we need documents that explain how much money we are supposed to distribute, to whom, and when. Different documents can fulfill this requirement.

How Will I Know When My Money Arrives?
We do our best to notify clients as soon their transactions have been completed. Clients are always welcome to contact us with questions about their transactions.

Do You Protect My Information?
We do not share information about our clients or their transactions. This information is held in confidence under the attorney-client privilege.

Do I Have To Pay California or U.S. Taxes?
Hiring a paymaster in the U.S.A. does not mean you will owe the Internal Revenue Service taxes on your transaction. We encourage you to speak with a certified public accountant for answers to your  tax questions. 

Questions? Call us at 1.213.316.1524 or complete our contact form.

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Our paymasters are licensed California attorneys. The California Bar requires that we notify you that this site constitutes attorney advertisement. While we try to provide helpful information, the content on this site is not a substitute for individual legal advice. Remember, we do not counsel our clients on their deals. We simply provide efficient payment distribution for large transactions.