Paymaster Services

Large transactions come with enough headaches; your paymaster services shouldn’t be one of them. We provide seamless help with large financial transactions ranging from commodities to collector cars to websites. Our licensed attorneys provide impartial distribution of transaction payments and commissions on your behalf.

Why use our paymaster services?

  • No registration fees – We only get paid for distributing funds as specified in your contract (usually a contingent event in the transaction).

  • Cost effectiveness – Our fees for large transactions are lower than most escrow services, including

  • Security – Unlike non-attorney paymasters, we hold your funds in a Client Trust Account subject to the strict rules of the California State Bar.

  • Neutrality – Since we do not represent any parties in the underlying transaction, our only role is to distribute money as directed by the terms of the contract.

  • Personal service – Your transactions are handled by people, not machines, and we are available to answer your questions online or on the phone.

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Our paymasters are licensed California attorneys. The California Bar requires that we notify you that this site constitutes attorney advertisement. While we try to provide helpful information, the content on this site is not a substitute for individual legal advice. Remember, we do not counsel our clients on their deals. We simply provide efficient payment distribution for large transactions.